Fishing Licenses

When fishing without a guide you most possess a valid Florida saltwater fishing license. Licenses can be purchased online at or by phone at (888) 347-4356. You can also buy a license in person at Walmart in New Smyrna Beach.

If fishing in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, you must also have a current, signed  MINWR, fishing permit. The permit is free and self-issuing. Simply download, print, and sign it.

Fishing Map

We recommend Top Spot map number N219 for Mosquito Lagoon fishing. The map is available at many local tackle shops and marine supply stores, including Anchor Hardware near the camp. You can also order it from Amazon.

Boat Rental

Many guests bring their own boats, but some rent one from Sand Dollar Boat Rentals in New Smyrna Beach. Check them out at or (386) 957-3913. They will deliver the boat right to our dock!

Launch Ramps

We have a small on-site ramp suitable for smaller boats and experienced trailer drivers. For larger boats, the ramp at River Breeze Park is better. It's free and has several lanes, but you'll need someone to drive your vehicle back to the camp. You'll also have about 1.5 miles of slow zone to get back to the camp.

Bait and Tackle

Livewire Bait Supply offers top-quality bait on the water. Jenny and Allen are typically at or near the River Breeze boat ramp in their bright red boat, but they can sometimes meet you close to the camp or in the lagoon. You may need to reserve bait as they only have so much. Call or text (386) 416-9879.

Anchor Hardware also sells a variety of live and frozen bait and has a complete selection of tackle and some marine supplies.

Non-Ethanol Gas

Ethanol-free fuel is available on the water at several marinas in New Smyrna Beach, plus at the Citgo S & B, 3001 India Palm Drive, Edgewater, (386) 423-8615, and Gate Food Mart, 115 N. Ridgewood Ave., Edgewater, (386) 424-9694


Scragg's Grove and Gift Shop is located very close to the camp on the corner of  US-1 and Canal Road in Oak Hill. They carry some basics such as ice, milk, fresh vegetables.

Publix is about 10 minutes north via U.S. 1. If you're in the mood to cook, Oak Hill Seafood in Edgewater offers a variable selection of same-day fresh local seafood, from flounder to wahoo and oysters to rock shrimp.